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More stuff for Grown Ups!


T&T has long worked with older people and kids. Now we’re expanding our offer for everyone in between – why should kids and grans have all the fun?! We’re developing an exciting new programme of adult activities to:

  • add some social sparkle to your evenings and weekends!
  • make mornings a chance to get fit, well and happy
  • make Sundays family fun days for the whole community
We’ve got lots of new regular sessions and awesome events in the pipeline, as well as a shed load of stuff starting in January, so if you’re resolved to make 2017 the year where you play as hard as you work, get started with us!

Know what you want to see? Got some fresh ideas? Want to make something amazing happen?



Ukulele – Monday 6.30pm from Monday 9th January

If you’ve always fancied learning a musical instrument – now’s the time! The uke is *supposedly* one of the easiest instruments to learn, and our lovely folk musician tutor will have you strumming and singing classic folk, pop and rock in no time! £7 with ukuleles provided.



Life Drawing – Thursday 6.30pm from Thursday 12th January

A hobby that somehow combines concentration, relaxation and a tiny bit of titillation, life drawing is the best way to improve your artistic skills. Our professional artist tutor will guide you in understanding the form, shade and tone of various different life models as you unlock your artistic talent! £9 with materials provided.





Well Now programme – FREE!

From the week commencing Monday 9th January except Walk Well which starts on Wed 1st March

Mind Well: Mindfulness on Monday 10am

Walk Well: Walking Club on Wednesday 10.30am

Talk Well: Group Talk on Friday at 10am

Have you got the January blues, been stressed or under the weather? Need a bit of a wellbeing top up? These morning groups are for you. The WELL Now series is all about self care, a bit of a buzz word at the moment, which simply means looking after yourself in our ever busy world.  At these groups you can take time for yourself, make friends, and raise your mood.

Tell me about Well NOW!



movieThe Mortuary Movie House

We’ll be screening both new and classic mainstream movies in our atmospheric chapel space very soon! To attend and get your mitts on our listings, you’ll need to join our free membership list.









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