At Time & Talents, we want to create a world where everyone feels part of a community – and where nobody is left out, or left behind.

Time & Talents is a lively, busy community organisation based in Rotherhithe, Canada Water and Bermondsey. Set in a leafy heritage venue in an old mortuary (which is much nicer than it sounds!), as well as in T&T2, our second venue in Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, Time & Talents has something for everyone.

We have a history stretching back 136 years. Since day one we’ve been supporting local people of all ages, and bringing people together for mutual support, fun and friendship. With a wide range of activities at our centres, along with volunteering and schools’ outreach projects across local neighbourhoods, we work to help everyone feel part of a community.

We see a core part of our work as providing ways for people to connect and share their time and talents, including a wide range of volunteering opportunities, skills-sharing, and opportunities to socialise. We want to connect neighbours close and far, to reduce isolation and build a supportive, resilient community.

Why not have a look at what we have on offer? There’s so much to get involved in!

For the whole community

Community learning and leisure

Our community programme offers a wealth of informal community learning and social opportunities, including gardening, crafts and mindfulness, plus a wide range of hosted activities.

Events and celebrations

We offer a variety of community parties, events and celebrations, because they’re the best – and most fun! – way to bring communities together and build supportive relationships.

For children & families

Across our two venues – The Old Mortuary near Rotherhithe Overground station, and T&T2 in Surrey Quays Shopping Centre – we have a wide range of super fun activities for kids of all ages, from tiny ones to teenagers.

We run everything from play groups and school holiday activity clubs, to nature-based learning groups for little ones. And all activities for kids and families are absolutely FREE!

Supporting older people

We have lots of support and social opportunities for older adults, and a range of groups aimed at strengthening social connections and building new friendships. We bring housebound older people in for fun weekly groups with our minibus, and offer various activities to keep people active and socially connected.

Our longstanding volunteer befriending service matches isolated, often housebound, older adults with trained volunteers. These befrienders make regular contact with befriendees, either in person or over the phone, providing company and friendly support.

We also deliver a thriving and popular older men’s programme – one of the only specialist programmes in the UK – which includes our Pub Club, Men’s Walking Group, Rotherhithe Shed, and more.

Food for all

For the first several months of the COVID-19 crisis, many of T&T’s services had to close. During this time, we transformed our Old Mortuary venue into one of a network of emergency Food Hubs in Southwark, providing deliveries of essential food to over 200 people every week.

Now closed, the food hub made a huge difference during the first year of the pandemic. We continue working to make sure that everyone who needs access to food locally has the support they need from appropriate services.

Who we are

Our mission

‘To help create a world where everyone feels part of a community – and where nobody feels lonely, or left behind.’

Our goals

  • Increase the happiness and wellbeing of everyone in our community
  • Build a strong sense of place and shared experience through shared space
  • Make sure no-one has to feel lonely, isolated or excluded, especially those most in need
  • Reduce divisions and create community cohesion
  • Help people help each other, by sharing their time and talents
  • Stimulate community activity to build thriving, active neighbourhoods

Our values

We believe that ‘community’ doesn’t just happen, and that communities have to work hard to make sure no one is excluded. We think connected people are happier, healthier people, and that people are happiest when they’re able to help others and receive help in return. We believe passionately in inclusion in all forms. We also know that place matters, and people need to feel genuinely involved in the place where they live.

How we deliver this

  • Groups to foster social relationships
  • Individual support for people in need
  • Activities to develop talents, confidence, skills
  • Projects to empower and improve our local community
  • Events to bring everyone together
  • Opportunities to help others and to get involved
  • Space for community activities

To find out more about what Time & Talents does, check out our programmes and activities pages, or contact us.