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Befriending: Home Visiting for Older People

Brighten someone’s day

As we get older, it’s easy to become isolated and lonely. Some older people see no-one for days at a time – but that’s where you can help.

Befriending: Home Visiting

At Time & Talents, we match volunteer befrienders with older people who have become a bit isolated, and are often housebound. Could you spend an hour or two a week just chatting, taking someone out for a while, watching movies, having a cup of tea – just being there?

Befrienders always say they get a lot in return – the sense of being involved with your community, the fun of meeting and getting to know someone new, and for many, a new friendship.

It makes a huge difference from a very small commitment.

Telephone Befriending

We know how busy people are – but even if you only have 20 minutes a week, you can still help! We now offer Telephone Befriending. Once a week, you make a phone call to an older person and offer a bit of company and a check-in to make sure all is well. We’ll even give you some fun prompts to make sure your conversation doesn’t dry up in the beginning. But before long you won’t need that!

“Get Active Befriending” – Team-Up & Take-Part

For many getting active or just getting back outside for the first time can be very daunting. Not knowing what to do, where to go, or having anyone to go with puts so many people off.  But this is where T&T volunteers are here to help! Within the befriending pair, the volunteer provides an hour of one-to-one support each week they both embark on the journey of trying a new activity together, providing motivation and support but most importantly companionship.

How it works

We’ll match you with someone we know you’ll get on with, and introduce you. After that, it’s up to you – we’ll keep in touch to make sure things are going well, and offer full support to the person you’re befriending in case you find they need extra help.

To become a befriender, or to find out more about a range of ways to help, contact us at, or

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