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Loneliness is a killer. So at T&T, we take fun very seriously… 


Did you know loneliness makes you up to 30% more likely to die prematurely? And that there are over 2500 lonely older people in Southwark alone?

We’ve been helping for 130 years – and with your help, we can do much more.

At T&T, we give over 200 older people a year friendship, support, and somewhere they belong.


What we do to help

We run a range of different services and projects to reduce loneliness for older people.

  • Our befriending service brings housebound older people support from volunteers who want to make a difference – a chat, a cup of tea, and a real friend who cares

  • Our groups for older people always offer something out of the ordinary – from a mobile zoo, to a music hall visit, to a movie or a singalong, with lunch. They provide a way to feel independent and carefree, and give older people lots of much needed care and attention.

  • Our Stroke club, Visually Impaired Group, Social Contact group, and strength and balance clubs offer specialist support for the people who most need our help – changing lives and helping them cope every single week.

  • Fun and quirky T&T projects, from the Rotherhithe Shed, to a pub club for older men, to intergenerational reindeer sleigh rides and Cycling Without Age, or Crafty Beasts, mean that there’s always something new. This is vital for those who experience little joy, or fun, or newness in their lives because they are very isolated.


How your donation helps

Your money helps local lonely older people get the support they need.

Single Donations

£10 would pay for a fully escorted return trip on our minibus to one of our amazing community parties.

£20 could help us provide a weekly visit to the Stroke Club for a newly disabled stroke sufferer and their carer – and help prevent depression setting in.

£50 could help us run an intergenerational craft group for lonely older people, meeting children, and their parents – breaking down community barriers and making sure everyone is included

£100 could help us provide individual support for an older person going through a crisis – housing trouble, bereavement, money trouble, illness, the list is long. With council services constantly stripped back, we are increasingly the first port of call for help.

Regular Donations

£3  per month could provide a healthy lunch (and perhaps something sweet!) with friends for an older person used to eating alone.

£5 per month could provide a regular trip on our fully escorted minibus when public transport just isn’t an option any more – when 80% of people at T&T have one or more disability.

£10 per month could provide support for a befriending match, supporting both a lonely isolated older person, and a volunteer, to build a real, lasting friendship – often for many years.

Finally, we’re tiny, very local, and rely on the support of volunteers and donors – we receive only 17% of our income from the local authority, and rent our premises. A donation to T&T is a donation to the people who need it it most in your local community.


*Age UK statistics.