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Gardening at T&T


Time & Talents has beautiful gardens, in the heart of a green oasis, in a smoky old City. Where once were docks and heavy industry, now Rotherhithe is one of the lungs of London, and T&T is an important green space, where people can meet, connect with nature, and enjoy the tranquility of our gardens. Not to mention, learn new skills, meet friends and neighbours – and get very, very muddy.

Green Team

It’s not just about plants – it’s about people!

Twice a week, on Tuesday 10-1pm, and Friday 1-4pm Green Team meets to plant, nurture, maintain and transform our beautiful green spaces and those in the local area. And drink lots of tea! They also grow and make their own lunches, and take trips to visit beautiful gardens all over London. The group is genuinely intergenerational and mixed ability – current members are aged between 18 and 80. Some have disabilities, and some don’t.  Some are expert gardeners – and most are not. It’s a great way to learn some planting skills, but most of all,  it’s all just about coming together, making friends, and having some time out in the fresh air. (If it’s raining, we have a back up plan!). Contact Devon or call us to find out more. All very welcome!


Past Projects

In 2015-16 we were generously supported by the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, through the People’s Postcode Trust, and saw over 20 people trained in Level 1 gardening qualifications at T&T. Many went on to get jobs in gardening, or to other endeavours that benefited from the huge increase in confidence and skills the course gave them. We were grateful for financial support from Southwark Council via the Rotherhithe and Bermondsey Community Council, the Neighbourhood Care Fund, and Cleaner Greener Safer.

From spring 2014-15, working with our gardening partners, we transformed over 1,200m2 of communal areas on local estates. Since then we’ve done even more, and 16-17 is shaping up to be a big year. We have trained many many local gardeners, our volunteers transformed estate gardens into more green oases, and we have won the Bermondsey in Bloom award for our edible garden, and for the stellar work of Eddy, a T&T alumnus and volunteer who brought to life Pynfolds green spaces for the whole community. T&T grows talents – and green talents help grow our community.

We were also supported in 2016-17 by the Wakefield and Tetley Trust, who supported a project to increase our work with people with disabilities. This included work with Southwark Resource Centre, South London and Maudsley, and several local care and nursing homes.

Why not find out more about our gardening activities? Come to our weekly ‘pitch-in’ gardening club at Time & Talents (days and times vary) and get more involved. We guarantee you will learn something new, connect with nature, and get lovely mud everywhere!

We are always excited to meet more keen gardeners at T&T – let’s get filthy together! All ages and abilities very very welcome!