It’s important for us all to look after ourselves, and try to keep well and healthy, so at Time & Talents we run groups and activities that are particularly focused on health and fitness, from walking and pilates, to gardening together. We know that all of our activities help improve not only people’s physical health and fitness, but their general wellbeing, by bringing them together in fun, friendship and community.

Need more help?

If you are struggling with your mental health, you can talk to your GP – or contact one of a range of organisations who can help.

For example, Together for Mental Wellbeing is an organisation working in Southwark who can signpost you to the support you need.

Getting out and getting active

Gardening is proven to have many health benefits, so why not get out in nature with our Green Team gardening? Alternatively, what about talking a walk around the leafy Rotherhithe Peninsula – or further afield – with one of our walking groups? If you’re looking for some help relaxing, you could give our mindfulness meditation group a go. Or get moving with one of the keep-fit groups run by various organisations at our centres.

Staying active, spending time outdoors, and having fun with people in a supportive environment, can be a big help in staying as happy and healthy as possible.

More health and wellbeing activities:

    • Green Team – Gardening
    • Mindfulness
    • Walking Groups
    • Strength and Balance (55+)