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Older People

From reminiscence to keep fit, arts and crafts to health advice, T&T members keep exploring and trying new things throughout their whole lives! We run targeted groups for older adults, such as our stroke club or visually impaired group, bringing housebound people from home in the T&T minibus, and include a healthy, light meal, as well as offering a wealth of new and unusual experiences.

It’s easy to end up with not much to do and nowhere to go as you get older, especially for men. Some of us just find we don’t socialise as much as we used to. So we decided to do something about it. We run several groups where people can get together over a shared interest such as Snap & Chat, our older men’s walking and photography group, or the Friday Social, which is pretty much a youth club for older people, where people get to decide which activities they’d like to do.

Here are our weekly activities – click on each one to find out more info:






 Most of these activities are available to drop-in, but please email for more info.

*Please note that the links above are currently being updated.