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Groups for Older People

At T&T we believe that there’s more to life than bingo! And because our members take an active role, we have a constant variety of brilliant ideas and exciting new things to try. (Oh, and okay, once a term we do bingo…)

What we do

Our groups are fun, creative, friendly, and always exciting. Activities have included flower arranging , craft making, highly refined wine tasting at a local top restaurant (free!), reliving the ‘60s, outings to the opera, concerts and the theatre,  chocolate tasting, word quizzes, wet and wild water parties, exercises, and many more. We even had a visit from a local farm, meeting all sorts of farm beasts up close and personal. When people want it, we do discussions and problem solving, but there’s always fun, laughter, and making new friends.  

We help each other

At T&T it’s all about getting involved, and our atmosphere is about helping and supporting each other, with an extra dose of fun.  Gilda, a mere spring chicken in her nineties, always brings in a sandwich for Esmee, also in her nineties, while elsewhere another group member co-ordinates birthday cards. Above all, our groups offer a welcoming and friendly place where people can be themselves, meet up with old friends and make new ones. It all goes to show you’re never too old to help others, or to try something new.

 The Groups we run:

  • Happy Mondays

    A group for anyone over the age of 60 living in Rotherhithe and Bermondsey

  • Social Contact group

    A small friendly group for people who are coping with mental health problems (by referral)

  • Keep Fit Tuesdays

    Strength and balance classes facilitated by a qualified physiotherapist, a dance tutor and a yoga teacher

  • Keep Fit Wednesdays

    More strength and balance but on a Wednesday!

  • Stroke Club

    For anyone affected by stroke including relatives

  • Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) Group

    Group for people who are registered blind and living in Southwark

  • Friday Social

  The 60+ club for people who aren’t old! Being over 60 ain’t what it used to be. It’s the prime of your life so why not give your Friday a bit of a boost, meet  like-minded people and get out and about