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bar-209148_640Man over 55? Want to meet mates at the pub weekly? Try Pub Club.

Friendly groups, no nonsense, just a good way to get out more and meet people. And a sneaky free half for first timers.  Not bad.

Call or email John Mahoney on 020 7232 5663 or at for details, and come along to the next session – we’ll make sure you’re sorted.

Why do we do it?

It’s easy to end up with not much to do and nowhere to go as you get older, especially for men. Some of us just find we don’t socialise as much as we used to. So we decided to do something about it.


What do we do?

Well, it’s very much like going to the pub. In fact, it is going to the pub. We mostly talk, but we keep it interesting – maybe a bit of darts, a pub quiz, games, other stuff. Sometimes we invite people for a drink if we want to pick their brains. We’ve had health people come along for a swift half and a chat, people who can give advice, that kind of thing. But it really is just a group of guys in a pub.

Who pays for it?

You pay for your own drinks, and we’ll get a bit of food in for the group sometimes. The project is funded because more doctors are recognising that older men get very isolated, and it’s bad for their health. Sorry to be serious, but you’re about 30% more likely to die early if you’re isolated. Which is a better reason than ever to go to the pub.

The big one: do you all get p*ssed?

Um, no. Landlords don’t like that much and neither do we. Everything in moderation, and if people get lairy we suggest they slow down a bit. Anyway hangovers are brutal over fifty.

Nobody has ever, once, got drunk at Pub Club.

Is everyone welcome?

Yes. If you’re a man and over 55 – up to any age – you’re in. It’s a friendly group – we’re always glad to see new people, that’s why we’re here. And we’re a real London mixture of people from all walks of life and backgrounds – inclusive, tolerant, diverse, and…

…So why is it only men?

You got us. For now, the project is focused men over 55. That’s because there are quite a lot of things out there for older people, but men don’t tend to go to them as much as women.  If you’re looking for things for older men and women together, try here – loads of stuff.

Any more questions? Drop us a line or give us a call.




Closure of the Time & Talents temporary COVID-19 emergency relief food hub


The pandemic forced harsh choices on us all. For Time & Talents, it meant having to stop being a place where people could meet and enjoy the chance to be part of their community.


In partnership with Southwark Council and a network of other community organisations, last May we found a new role as a temporary food hub, storing and distributing food to local households in crisis to support them through the various lockdowns. It was always intended to be an emergency response to an emergency situation.


Fortunately, with the rate of vaccinations continuing to progress well and restrictions gradually beginning to ease, we can see there is light at the end of the lockdown tunnel when we will be able to reclaim our Old Mortuary building as a meeting place and community centre, rather than a food store.


We have been in touch with the households currently receiving food support to offer guidance and advice they may need from April onwards once our food hub closes on Thursday 25 March.


We do want to go on helping to address issues around food poverty and will continue to collaborate with local partners to explore sustainable solutions such as community pantries.


In the meantime. the good news is that, in line with the Government’s roadmap, we hope to start to reopen our doors from April over the coming months to the local people who rely on us for friendship, support and community.

We’re very grateful to our staff, volunteers, community partners and Southwark Council for a fantastic collaborative response over the past 11 months.


For any urgent issues contact the Southwark Council COVID-19 Community Hub in one of these ways:

  1. Complete an online referral form
  2. Email
  3. Phone 0207 525 5000 and choose option 3


As always, we welcome volunteering applications

You can contact the team as usual on 020 7231 7845 and at

With our very best wishes

Sarah Gibb, Director, and the T&T team

17 March 2021