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Volunteer with Time & Talents!

Share your time and talents to help your community

Thank you so much for considering volunteering with T&T. We were set up by volunteers just like you in 1887, and ever since, volunteering has been the backbone of what we do.

Coronavirus – Covid-19

Clearly this is one of the biggest crises affecting our community in living memory. We know people want to help others in their community through a very difficult time. Please do volunteer with us to help make a difference.

What can volunteers do?

Telephone befriending

Many people, of all ages, but especially the elderly and those with health conditions, are experiencing very high levels of isolation and loneliness. Many people who were already very low and in need of friendship are desperately in need of a friendly chat. We are mobilising a large number of volunteers to telephone people in need to help provide friendship and support during a very difficult time. If enough volunteers join us, we’ll also try and help out people our partner organisations look after.

“Get Active Befriending” – Team-Up & Take-Part

For many getting active or just getting back outside for the first time can be very daunting. Not knowing what to do, where to go, or having anyone to go with puts so many people off.  But this is where T&T volunteers are here to help! Within the befriending pair, the volunteer provides an hour of one-to-one support each week they both embark on the journey of trying a new activity together, providing motivation and support but most importantly companionship.

Helping collect basic necessities for the housebound

Elderly, disabled, and other vulnerable people who are housebound are finding it extremely difficult to get basic food necessities, prescription medications, and other necessities. Volunteers are helping meet these needs by delivering locally, and we need more people to help.


We’ve been grateful and humbled by the huge number of applications to volunteer in the last few weeks. Every single application is important, and please accept our apologies for any delay – we have simply received more applications than we have ever received before. We are putting three times the usual resource into mobilising volunteers now, and will be in touch as soon as we possibly can. Please apply using this form:

Apply Now!

Why does it take time to get involved?

We’re required by law to make some checks to ensure vulnerable people are not put at further risk. We also need to make sure you are given the right information and guidance. This is important especially at the moment because people who are already vulnerable and isolated are in even greater need of care than usual. Please remember this doesn’t mean we don’t trust you, and doesn’t mean we aren’t extremely grateful for your help. It’s just important that we onboard people properly and perform the necessary checks to best look after people who are even more vulnerable than usual. We’ve streamlined our checks and training whilst still keeping within safeguarding guidelines.


Non-Covid volunteering opportunities

Volunteers are crucial to all the work done at Time & Talents, and have always made an amazing contribution to the organisation. We were set up by volunteers in 1887 – and their legacy continues to be at the heart of what we do.

Come and get involved – we can’t wait to work with you! Listed below are some of the ways of sharing your skills with T&T!

Want to know more? Please email or call 0207 232 5669 for more information. Every year we hold a Volunteers’ Celebration to thank our volunteers for all their support, and provide regular training sessions to help them build their skills. You can also sign up to our newsletter to find out about new opportunities.

Cycling Without Age

Our groundbreaking CWA project takes frail and isolated older people out on Trishaw cycle rides in local green spaces – piloted by keen cyclist volunteers. Find out more about CWA!

Befriending Service

Can you spare a couple of hours a week to change a life? We’re looking for volunteers who are willing to give one to two hours a week to visit an isolated older person in their home. It’s a great way to feel like you’re really making a difference.  Find out more about being a befriender now!

“Get Active!” Befriending

Interested in spreading the amazing benefits of sports and physical activities? Our new project Team-Up & Take-Part connects people who maybe feel a bit lonely with a local befriender around the shared goal of getting active! Your role will be to calm the initial nerves of joining a new sport or activity and linking someone into local opportunities by meeting for an hour or so each week. Find out more about becoming a Team-Up & Take-Part Volunteer!

Help Us Run Great Events!

We need people who willing to offer their time to help with various fundraising events that are held throughout the year. Got an idea? We’d love to work with you to make it happen. We also have golden bond places for the London Marathon! Want to help us run our big community parties? Great! Get in touch!

Got an idea of your own?

We specialise in helping people with ideas about how to help their community.

For example, the amazing Chloe came to us with an idea to set up a lecture group for mums on maternity leave. Within two weeks, with Chloe’s hard work and our help, Changing Mat Talks was up and running.

Want to teach someone to bake cakes? Do it here! Want to set up a knitting circle? Do it here! Want to set up a drama group, or help run a kids’ play session? Get in touch!

If you want to chat about an idea, or the skills you can offer, drop us an email.

Skills-based/ Professional volunteering

T&T always needs help from people with specialist professional skills. If you want to offer your time and expertise to help a local charity, please drop us an email or complete the online application form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.