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What We Do

Time and Talents is a lively, busy community centre in the heart of Rotherhithe. Set in a leafy heritage venue in an old mortuary (which is much nicer than it sounds), as well as in T&T2, our second venue in Surrey Quays Shopping Centre (opposite the entrance to Tesco), Time & Talents offers something for everyone. We have a history of over 130 years supporting people of all ages in Rotherhithe and Bermondsey, bringing people together for mutual support, fun and friendship. With a wide range of activities in the centres, along with volunteering and schools’ outreach projects across the local area, we make sure that everyone feels part of a community.

We see a core part of our work as providing ways for people to connect and share their time and talents, including a wide range of volunteering opportunities, skills-sharing, and opportunities to socialise and connect neighbours close and far to reduce isolation.

Why not pop in to T&T? There’s so much to get involved in!

For All

A wide range of community parties, events and celebrations – because they’re the best way to bring communities together and build supportive relationships.

For Adults 

Informal learning opportunities, especially around practical skills like gardening, crafts, ukulele and mindfulness, and a range of hosted activities including yoga, Rotherhithe & Bermondsey Local History Society, Rotherhithe & Bermondsey Choral Society.

For Kids & Families

Across our two venues, The Old Mortuary and T&T2 in Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, we have a wide range of super fun activities for kids of all ages, from play clubs to extra-curricular art classes, and all of the activities are FREE.

For Older People 

We have lots of support and social opportunities for older people, and a range of groups to increase social connections and build new friendships. We bring housebound older people in for fun weekly activities with our minibus, and also offer activities to keep people active and socially connected before they get frailer.


Due to the coronavirus crisis, both of Time & Talents’ venues are closed. However, our staff are still very much at work whilst working remotely. We are in regular telephone contact with hundreds of local people who usually come to T&T activities/groups, and are responding to urgent need wherever we can with our amazing existing volunteer team.

We’ve also been delighted at the volume of new volunteering applications we’re getting and we welcome more to apply here:

Staff are working as fast as they can to process these applications and then make hundreds of phone befriending matches, to keep our community connected and battle the isolation that this crisis is creating for many of us. Please visit our website News page for updates and call the team on 020 7231 7845 if you need us.

Best wishes

Sarah Gibb (Director) and the T&T team

27 March 2020