Breath of Life Singing Group Pays Tribute to Member Cecilia Gustave

We were very sad to learn that Breath of Life member and friend Cecilia Gustave recently died. The weekly singing group (who enjoy creative and therapeutic singing and breathing exercises for breathing problems including COPD) say that she was a lovely lady and will be sadly missed, and all at T&T agree.

The group collected some memories of Cecilia:

“We remember her as a lovely lady. She was quite a shy person, but determined – she would always ask if she wasn’t sure about something.”

“Our teacher Elisa remembers that Cecilia had noticed a leopard-print scarf Elisa was wearing, and brought in a pair of fingerless gloves for her which also had leopard spots. Cecilia had a liking for colourful clothes like this.”

“I particularly remember her at the Time and Talents fete last summer when she joined in the singing with us, as she did also at the Christmas party.”

“She had a very nice light soprano voice and enjoyed the singing which gave her a lot of pleasure.”

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