London Marathon 2021

Colour photo of a man and a woman smiling in the sunshine, having just run the London Marathon

We had a fantastic Marathon day last Sunday: the sun shone, spirits were high, and our runners all did a terrific job. It was so lovely being able to open our doors again to our community and marathon supporters – and offer cups of tea, biscuits and loo stops. The general cheering was backed up by the South London Jazz Orchestra, who serenaded the passing runners around the corner from us by Southwark Park and King’s Stairs Gardens.

Once they’d crossed the finish line – and got their breath back – we asked some of our runners how they were feeling. Despite some exhausted muscles and very achy limbs, they were all so happy to have taken part in the race alongside thousands of others, and told us how glad they were to be raising money for Time & Talents.

Rob Harris running across Tower Bridge

Liv Hawe, who ran the course in an impressive 3 hours and 39 minutes, was bursting with enthusiasm: “It was quite simply the best day. The support was unbelievable, the sunshine, the pain…! Running the London Marathon completely reaffirmed my faith in humanity. It was a reminder that the world is full of love and joy, and that we’re stronger together. Running through London and feeling so elated by the community around made it even more special to have raised money for Time & Talents, to make sure everyone in London has access to community and friendship.”

Long-time local Charlie Moore (pictured at the top of the page) had this to say: “It was tough, but worth it for Time & Talents, who continue to do great work in the local community helping lonely and vulnerable people from all walks of life, as they have been doing for the last 134 years”.

Liv Hawe with friends at the finish line

Dave Barnett mid-marathon…

Meanwhile Amy Glover (pictured at the top of the page with Charlie), a lifelong SE16 resident and daughter of one of our team, told us: “The marathon was an incredible experience, definitely hard work but there was a real sense of celebration and community throughout! It was an incredible opportunity to be able to think and pray for all those around Bermondsey and Rotherhithe supported by Time and Talents!”

Dave Barnett said that he, “felt a real sense of pride running for T&T, knowing all the great work they do in the community. Made the day. The atmosphere the whole way along the route was electric. The crowd kept me smiling every step of the way.”

Elin Moore agreed that the general mood of encouragement and community gave her a real boost: “Well it was beyond amazing… I wasn’t sure what to expect with the restrictions but the crowd did not disappoint, their enthusiasm and the camaraderie of the other runners was what got me to the finish line, and it was great to be able to help a local charity on the way.”

Janine Rasiah also loved the experience, and clearly couldn’t wait to do it all again: “The atmosphere was incredible all the way around the course and I couldn’t have hoped for more perfect weather – bar one short downpour! I’m so grateful to everyone who has sponsored me, and I’m so proud to have raised money for Time & Talents. My legs might be sore – but I entered the ballot for 2022 as soon as I got home!”

Elin Moore near T&T – about halfway through, and still smiling!

Janine Rasiah over the finish line, complete with much deserved medal and flowers

As well as running 26.2 miles, they’ve also done brilliantly in their fundraising efforts for Time & Talents. Sarah Gibb, T&T’s Director, said: “We had such a good Marathon Day, and are so proud of our team of 10 T&T runners, who have raised over £16,000 so far. We thank everyone for their generous donations, every penny of which will be invested in our work to reduce loneliness and isolation in Rotherhithe and Bermondsey, and to bring our community together.”

Though the marathon is over for this year, there’s still time to donate to our runners’ fundraising campaigns, so if you can and want to chip in, just click on their names to go to their Virgin Money Giving pages. 

And if you’ve been inspired by this year’s T&T runners and are interested in joining our team for the 2nd October 2022 London Marathon, click here to find out more.