Volunteer to help create our new garden!

We’re seeking volunteers with specialist skills in gardening, building and landscaping to help us with our exciting new Marychurch Oasis garden project. Tasks will include digging, heavy lifting and moving lots of soil!

For now we are clearing and preparing the space, so we can then start creating a wonderful new garden for our local community. The Marychurch Oasis project will revive and improve the garden, making it more accessible, increasing the amount of food crops we grow, boosting biodiversity and focusing more on seasonality.

We’re looking for a pool of 15 volunteers to help clear the garden from Mon 12th July to Mon 9th August, for 2 – 4 hours per weekday, at our Old Mortuary site in Rotherhithe, SE16.

If you’re interested and would like more details, please contact Phoebe by email: phoebegrudzinskas@timeandtalents.org.uk, or by phone: 020 7232 5661.